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Robin is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn and Long Island, N.Y.


She has worked professionally in the film and video game animation industries which include:


Traditional cell animation, motion graphics production and shooting special effects film animation for American and South American TV commercials.


Senior Electronic Graphic Designer at Coleco Industries Inc., designing backgrounds and animation for Atari, Intellivision and Colecovision video game systems and animated demos for CES, the Consumer Electronics Show.

Her current work is a result of all these unique experiences, but it was shooting special effects - glows, streaks, ghosts and reflections, that has influenced her current work the most.  The idea of using light as a medium.

With this collection of images, Robin would like the viewer to feel like their being transported to a place they've never seen before. To experience a sense of wonder, positivity, excitement and to enliven and energize the space that it's in.


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By  Robin Herst Rose

Digital Effects Photography, Art & Design 

Digital Art and Animation for large format display LED screens, or printed and resized for galleries or art installations. Images that can enhance the mood and energy of an  interior environment ranging from the other- worldly and explosive to soothing and calm.

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