About - Robin Herst Rose

I was born in Brooklyn NY, so naturally I thought that the entire world was completely built up and packed with hordes of people. For family outings we would often go to the museums in Manhattan (which I hated at first). But hate turned into love and looking at paintings and illustrations soon became a new world for me to escape into, full of color, history, landscape and imagination.

After a broad fine arts study, I began working (night shift) on an animated feature film that was being made on Long Island, and then to NYC to work on animated TV commercials. My work in animation evolved into becoming a motion graphics, special effects camerawoman, shooting commercials for American and South American TV. With computers threatening the film industry, I accepted a job in the video game industry (the ultimate medium for immersive escape) as an artist/animator.

Now, with my digital effects photography, I am still inspired by the escape that the right image can provide. If I can transport you for just a few moments, effect your mood in a positive way or energize your imagination, then I've done my job.

Additional info:

I've also written and illustrated a children's Ebook - ALEX & THE DATA BUGS, have two grown sons, am married and live in Connecticut.

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